Secondary Glazing Surrey and Middlesex

Here at Novaglass we are specialists in the installation of secondary glazing in Surry and Middlesex. Available for all property types you can transform cold, draughty and noisy properties into a warm and tranquil environment. Our secondary glazing offers superb thermal insulation, enhanced security features and can be finished to complement all styles of primary window.

Secondary glazing is a super solution to condensation issues that also creates an attractive and subtle finish that won’t intrude or impose on the design of your home. When you choose secondary glazing you will be opting for a highly cost effective way of making your home much more thermally efficient and will reduce any unwanted noises entering.

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All our secondary glazed units are tailor made to measure in your specific property and come with the option of different glasses that are designed for soundproofing and enhanced insulation. Our secondary glazing is extremely robust, durable and long-lasting making it a worthwhile investment.

There are many benefits and advantages that go hand in hand with our secondary glazing in Surrey and Middlesex. If you’re struggling to keep condensation under control, keep the warmth from your central heating locked in and cut down on cold spots and draughts then secondary glazing is exactly what you need.

Sound and Noise Insulation

Our secondary glazed units are designed to significantly eliminate unwanted noise pollution to your home. Everyone wants to relax in the peace and quiet and not be able to hear traffic whizzing by. With our secondary glazing you can enjoy a tranquil ambiance thanks to the laminated acoustic glazing.

Condensation Protectionsecondary-glazing7

We all know condensation can be a problem for windows, especially when the temperatures drop. With our secondary glazing you won’t have to worry anymore. Our secondary glazing is cleverly crafted with balanced trickles vents in order to create an effective air flow. Gone are the days of constantly wiping away condensation.

Home Security

Secondary glazing is just as safe as our other double glazing options. Acting as a barrier, entry from the outside becomes almost impossible and with the addition of multipoint locking systems, toughened glass and is accredited by the police-preferred scheme Secured by Design, so you couldn’t be safer.

For More Information

If you’re interested in our secondary glazing from Novaglass then please call us on 01932 771155 or contact one of our experienced and friendly team who will be happy to advise you.