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These days sliding doors are a well beloved feature for homeowners. They provide an easy to use gliding door that performs well against weather, intrusion, and noise pollution.

An additional benefit is that you can get patio doors in various colours and woodgrain foils to match your property. Combine the greatest views with the door profile that is the easiest to maintain. Speak with our Shepperton team today about your choices for sliding doors.

Why Choose Novaglass?


Local Reputation

We’ve worked throughout Surrey and Middlesex for over thirty years. That experience has given us insight into what our customers appreciate most.


Reasonable Prices

At Novaglass, we offer multiple suppliers so that you have the option to choose the best sliding doors for you. We provide highly competitive prices for each installation.


High Quality Finish

Our customers all remark on our ability to provide a high quality finish for every installation. It’s a testament to our integrity and a promise on every installation.


Professional Service

If you have questions, we’ll answer them. We’ll be in contact with you during your installation, and we won’t pressure you into something you don’t want.

Sliding Door Cost Surrey & Middlesex

Use our quoting engine to find a quote for your next patio door system. You can even choose colour and configuration.

Speak with our team about your next sliding door installation in Surrey or surrounding areas. We can explain our process, give a quote, and schedule a time to meet you.

Key Features of Sliding Doors

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Easy Glide

With these sliding doors, you won’t ever need to worry about sticking. These doors are easy to open and use.

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Woodgrain Foils

We offer unique designs, no matter what sliding doors you choose. Woodgrain foils can help match your current windows.

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Weather Performance

Single glazing isn’t thermally efficient for patio doors. Fortunately, our suppliers offer double and triple glazing, exceeding government standards.


Do you supply to the trade?

Get in touch if you’re in the trade and looking for a supplier in or around Surrey or surrounding areas. Give us a ring on 01932 771155.

How often should I clean my sliding glass doors?

How do I clean my sliding doors?

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We install the best aluminium sliding doors on the market. It’s hard to say differently when they outperform the competition by every metric: thermal performance, weather testing, and colour range. Not to mention the design options that they offer.

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AluK offers strong products made by local manufacturers. Plus, AluK provide unique options for each of their sliding doors. Choose between the two AluK aluminium sliding door systems. You can speak with our team if you’re interested in choosing dual or triple rails.

Our Suppliers

Origin Features

When you begin to look at the competition, you’ll see. There’s no better choice than Origin doors. Here are just a few key features:

  • These sliding doors are the smoothest to operate, with the unique carriage system, robust runner and weighted bearings.
  • Concealed tracks mean you get flush designs, which is better for those with reduced mobility.
  • Aluminium profiles for our sliding doors are incredibly lightweight especially compared to steel.
  • While these doors use newly extruded aluminium, they are endlessly recyclable.
  • Homeowners get a 20 year guarantee on their sliding doors.

AluK Features

With the AluK Infinium sliding door system, you’ll have advantages like:

  • Double or Triple glazing with U-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K, or 1.0 W/m2K, respectively.
  • Maximum sash sizes of 3000mm x 3500mm (W x H).
  • Dual colour options are available to match your interior colour to your home.
  • Multi point locking systems that create a holistic security system.
  • Options for a motorised lock and sliding mechanism.
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