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Stunning New Designs

With tilt and turn windows, you’re investing in state of the art designs with dual capacity for ventilation and opening. Though they open as a traditional window, tilt and turn windows can also swing or pivot inward. This allows you to maintain ventilation whilst also prioritising safety.

With a simple twist of the handle, you can pivot your window inward, ensuring that children and pets don’t have accidents near open apertures. These windows are therefore especially beneficial in flats above the first storey.

Speak with our Shepperton team about installing tilt and turn windows in Surrey, Middlesex and other areas.

Why Choose Novaglass?


Local Reputation

We have a strong reputation that we’ve built over the last 30 years in Surrey and Middlesex. Many of our clients are recommended by word of mouth, demonstrating their satisfaction.


Reasonable Prices

Compared to our competitors, we offer a wider range of tilt and turn window suppliers. With that range comes competitive pricing for your next installation.


Professional Service

Our Shepperton team will keep open lines of communication. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a degree of care and clean up after our work for a tidy home.


Excellent Quality Finish

At Novaglass, we attend to every installation with precision and finesse. We don’t believe in doing slapdash work. We provide the best work throughout Surrey.

Tilt & Turn Window Prices Surrey & Middlesex

Looking for a quote on tilt and turn windows? Use our online quoting engine to get estimated prices on any of the tilt & turn windows that we install.

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Key Features of Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows installers Weybridge

Innovative Designs

Also known as tilt before turn windows or German windows, these designs are wildly popular in Germany and other areas of Europe, as they provide great ventilation for multi storey buildings.

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Safety Precautions

If you’re looking for windows with a degree of protection for small children, tilt and turn windows are demonstrably useful. Instead of safety guards, the construction provides safety inbuilt.

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Security Protected

Tilt and turn windows are also some of the most secure windows available. You can speak with our team about finding more locking features or handles with locks.


Do you supply to the trade?

Yes. We supply tilt and turn windows to tradespeople in Surrey and surrounding areas.

How do I clean tilt and turn windows?

What other products do you offer?

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Origin Tilt Windows

Origin isn’t just a strong competitor. They’re the competitor to beat.  They don’t just outpace current government standards. They set the standards and including their twenty year guarantee, most don’t come close.

With Argon or Krypton filled units, the double glazing on these aluminium tilt and turn windows provides incredible thermal glazing that’s competitive with the triple glazing of their competitors.

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uPVC Tilt Windows

As a market leading brand, Liniar provide cost effective uPVC designs with modern technology. Their signature bubble gasket provides an extreme deterrent to weather ingress. Furthermore, Liniar tilt and turn windows are designed with multiple chambers to help improve the insulation.

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Premium Aluminium

AluK provides British manufacturing that supports local economies. Furthermore, you can choose between two profile systems for their tilt and turn windows. These two systems are weather and security tested.

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Even more incredible, Origin tilt and turn windows come with:

  • PAS 24 testing and police accreditation.
  • 150 RAL colours to match any property design and colour scheme.
  • British manufacturing that supports our industry.
  • Low maintenance aluminium windows that are long lasting.
  • A wide range of finishes and colours for your handles.
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Read more about what else Liniar offers:

  • Your choice of double or triple glazing (28mm or 36mm, respectively).
  • Glazing that is tailored to fit.
  • Colours including Black Brown, Rosewood, Cream & Cream Foil and more.
  • Sculptured or Chamfered profiles that match your designs.
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Both AluK systems provide incredible benefits, which you can find here:

  • PAS 24 security tested and meet police accreditation requirements
  • Q-mark certification assures you of high product quality.
  • Glazing thicknesses between 24mm – 40mm can improve the insulation.
  • We provide frame depths of 58mm and 70mm.
Tilt and Turn windows cost Weybridge
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