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Cottage Styles in Surrey

Stable doors are a popular option for cottages, farms and heritage homes. Combine a touch of refinement with the rustic when choosing stable doors in distinctive hues. With these cottage style doors, you’ll be able to easily manage pets and children while also inviting in the fresh air.

The superior ventilation and views give you access to your surrounding landscape. With vintage wood detailing, your doors can provide a timber look without the high maintenance. Create the barn style with newer hardware and safety features on these stable doors.

Why Choose Novaglass?


Local Reputation

After thirty years working in Surrey and Middlesex, we can say that we’ve earned our strong reputation.


Reasonable Prices

We provide highly competitive prices for our stable doors. That’s why we offer more than just one brand.


Professional Service

Our team maintains the highest standards of integrity on the job. We’ll be in communication throughout your installation.


Honest Sales

When you call our team, we’ll go over the options for your next stable door installation, but don’t worry: we don’t make hard sales.

Stable Door Cost Surrey & Middlesex

Find an immediate quote, today. When you use our online quoting engine, you’ll be able to find dimensions, colours and styles that suit your home. Start your project now!

You can always get in touch with our team for a stable door installation. We’ll be able to give you a quote, explain our work, and schedule a time to meet you wherever you are in Surrey.

Key Features of Stable Doors

Stable Doors cost Shepperton

Timber Look

Part of the distinctive cottage look is a wood style door. With woodgrain foils, we can offer you choices like Irish Oak, Rosewood, and more.

Stable Doors cost Richmond

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a low maintenance material that’s resistant to water damage, warping or mould. You can simply clean your door periodically with soap and water.

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Farmhouse Design

Many of our customers are looking to create a new farmhouse style. Traditional in spirit, with contemporary locks and insulation.


How should I clean these doors?

You can simply clean your door with soap and a washcloth with uPVC. Anything harsher can actually harm the door’s exterior. If you’re looking to maintain the locks of your door, we always recommend a silicon based lubricant which you can buy online or at most hardware stores throughout Surrey.

Are stable doors childproof?

How do I lock my stable door?

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With Liniar stable doors, you’ll get the traditional bubble gasket with wonderful versatility. The top half offers a tilt and turn option to get the most flexibility and usage out of your door. The multi chamber designs help reduce draughts and improve the weather performance compared to other manufacturers.

For Liniar stable doors, you simply need to turn the handle to disengage the coupling of the two halves. Find out more about the Yale and Winkhaus locks you can get with your installation.



With Universal stable doors, you can choose between two unique door systems. The first, The Sapphire Door, comes with a foam core, GRP skin and PVC reinforcing. Both systems are manufactured in the UK and can offer U-values below 1.5 W/m2K. The second system, The Diamond Door, is tested to PAS 24 standards and comes in ten reflective colours.



Door-stop offers two unique door systems for their composite stable doors. In fact, you can choose the system that works best for you. All Door-stop doors are police approved and meet PAS 24 security standards. If you’re looking for a fire resistant door, you can contact us to let us know.

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