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Sample a taste of Europe with French windows that provide wide vistas for the perfect morning view. These windows can be used as emergency egress in case of a fire or other dangers. French windows are a stylish addition to homes, providing a dual opening feature.

With a hanging mullion, these windows can simply be the most effective way of getting ventilation and provide an attractive opening for bedrooms or kitchens. Use a French window in your kitchen to help you pass food or plates between the kitchen and garden.

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Local Company

Our offices have been in the same place for 15 years, and we’ve been in the Sussex and Middlesex areas for 30 years.


Professional Service

Our team provide you with quality installations and work quickly so that you can have your home back as soon as possible.


Honest Sales Team

We provide reasonable prices for our installations, and we don’t believe in hard sales. Instead, you can get a free, no obligation quote.


Quality Workmanship

One thing we pride ourselves on is our workmanship. When installing your next French windows, we can offer you superb quality.

French Windows Prices Surrey & Middlesex

Use our online quoting engine to get a price for a set of French windows today. You can get started on any device, whatever time of day it is.

Contact our Shepperton team for more information on French window installations. We’ll be able to help you find colours and more. Start your installation.

Key Features of French Windows

Limitless Views

With French windows, you get completely unobstructed views, letting in the sunshine and air to make the most of your windows.

Fire Exits

With easy hinges and hanging mullions, these windows can be the perfect fire escape in case of an emergency.

Unbeatable Style

The French window is a unique style that adds something to homes looking to create a provincial, cottage, or traditional home.


What's the difference between french casement and traditional casement windows?

French casements incorporate two panes that open from the middle bar, also called a mullion. They can have a standard mullion, or a hanging mullion (which is attached to one of the frames).

Traditional casements, on the other hand are one panel that opens from either the top, bottom, or side.

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Origin Windows

Origin is a widely recognised name for a reason. They don’t just provide strong aluminium windows. They provide the best. The best in colour options, the best in thermal efficiency and more. Better yet, they’re made in the UK and come with a 20 year guarantee.

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Liniar Profiles

Liniar is a market leading manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors. They provide classic colours like Cream & Cream Foil, Gale Grey Finesse, Chartwell Green and more. Slim profiles look more modern than traditionally bulky uPVC windows.

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Evolution provides our customers with that classic wood grain look. However, with Evolution windows, you get all the ease and convenience of uPVC. This means no sanding, staining, or polyurethane to keep up with. You also get your choice of hardware from a vast array of colours, styles and finishes. Furthermore, they provide ten year guarantees on all of their products.

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AluK French Styles

AluK systems are manufactured right here in the UK. Your AluK French windows can come in double or triple glazing. These French windows come with acoustic insulation that can help drown out the sounds of noisy neighbours and provide you with the comfort of peace and quiet. We can give you multi point locking systems or dual colours for your windows.

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These are just a few reasons to choose Origin French windows, but here are a few more:

  • Low lead times enable us to install your French windows as soon as possible.
  • Over 150 RAL colours for you to choose from, allow you to match current designs.
  • Police backed security systems provide extra protection.
  • Georgian or steel style bars give signature designs.
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Here are a few features unique to Liniar:

  • A patented bubble gasket provides exceptional weatherproofing.
  • Bespoke glazing platforms help fit unique window frames.
  • Child restrictors and hinge guards improve the security of your window.
  • With triple glazing, you can achieve 0.8 W/m2K.
  • Liniar provides the option for Georgian and astragal bars.
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Evolution is dedicated to creating traditional bespoke timber looking windows. Find out more about:

  • Handles and stays that provide heritage aesthetics.
  • Handcrafted joints made by traditional joiners.
  • Authentic butt hinges for window openings.
  • Georgian bars replicate 19th century glazing.
  • Traditional cills maintain the overall frame.
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These windows have even further benefits, like:

  • Q-mark certification provides the most rigourous quality standards.
  • Top security and police accreditations for your peace of mind.
  • Glazing between 24mm-40mm helps insulation standards.
  • Open-in and open-out configurations to match your home.
  • Dual colour options are available for decorating purposes.
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